Unofficial Collaborative Storytelling Contrivance Funpage!

Unofficial Collaborative Storytelling Contrivance Funpage! ;Collabotron Links

Welcome to the Unofficial Collaborative Storytelling Contrivance Funpage!

The Collaborative Storytelling Contrivance is located at  It's a simple webpage that allows people to post text and connect their text to what other people have posted in numerous quantities and multiple directions.  Sometimes (as its name implies) it's used to tell fragmented collaborative stories for personal amusement.  There's no real better introduction to the Collabotron than to visit its own explanation here.  So why is this page here talking about it?  This page exists with the main purpose of collecting the most interesting or noteworthy stories that have been given life from the CSC. 

What's the story on these stories?

These stories are all byproducts of collaboration on the CSC (Collaborative Storytelling Contrivance).  Multiple authors have submitted to these stories.  They don't try to become complx novella canon to human literature; that's not the point.  The CSC is all about just what its name implies:  collaborative storytelling.  Tell a story with total strangers on the internet, just like Brian the Confused Mailclerk or the earlier linear collabotron from years ago.  The stories featured on this website are particularly noteworthy, usually because they have drawn the most attention on the Collabotron.  Again, the purpose is not to make some arbitrary best seller's list, rather to simply exist because of the intrinsic magic which gave them life.  

The Stories Are Here

Read the collaborative stories that came to be through the cooperative efforts of friends and strangers over the internet.

Read the stories here.

There are also some links you may find relevant or irrelevant.  

Here they are either way.   

Where's the actual Collabotron?

The actual collabotron started off of which is, of course, the Pokey the Penguin website.  To find the collabotron's site, visit this site instead: 

Please enjoy.

Remember that the internet used to be a fun and interesting place. It wasn't always corporate, commercialist crap stigmatized by ignorant, paranoid media sensationalism. It wasn't always about pointless networking, or angry nerd humor sites. The internet used to be fun and whimsical and people could freely avoid making any sense.

Please enjoy your time here.

Disclaimer: Content on this site may not be suitable for all readers. The opinions expressed in the stories are not to be taken seriously because they are the product of fictitious writing. Any similarities to persons, places, things, etc. is purely coincidental. The authors of these stories are not affiliated with this website, which only serves to archive these stories. Sincere apologies to any and all who might be offended. Have a nice day.

Furthermore, all writings and creations found within this site are the intellectual property of their respective authors. All rights reserved.