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Collabotron Links

The links on the left are for the different collabotrons. The links on the right are just other pages of interest you might find useful, albeit unessential, if you plan to use collabotron.  Of course, you can always visit the "Areas" section in any Collabotron.  


Usually tends to be Pokey the Penguin related. 
Tend to read more like a choose-your-own-adventure novel. 
Branches off in four directions.  Might be Pokey the Penguin-related sometimes. 
Stories about things that are/were/become/etc lost. 
You get lost here quite easily. 
The Unblinking Eye
The basic site. 

Other Links

The home of Pokey the Penguin, and where the collabotron first started. 
Asko is where you ask questions, and answer questions, all with the validity of anonymity.  It was going great, but unfortunately the servers apparently seemed unable to handle it all, and so it is "over".  It was unbelievably great, and also originated off of Yellow5.  Perhaps someday it shall return and the process of askoing and answering can resume, but for now this seems unlikely.  A moment of silence for Asko. 
This is mostly just a filler link.  An add-on for FireFox browsers that supposedly generates random webpages from the internet if they're in your specified interests (though this doesn't seem to always be the case).  Most of the time it's advertising, and after a while you just get the same pages over and over again.  I guess sometimes you can find something of interest, but none of the pages you find seem to have the same charm as the good old-fashioned early internet. 
Stanly Noino also writes stories.  Here you enjoy the stories that Stanly Noino writes. 
Because not everybody knows all the pages they should be visiting.